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Do you need to get your glider into a good shape? Explore our Repaint or Repair of Glider section. All our work is properly certified. Browse Certificates. We are a longterm partner of Schempp-Hirth company in the area of glider production and glider service. Furthermore we are reseller of Schemp-Hirth gliders.



Provided repair/repaint glider services

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Repairs of damaged gliders
Modifications according to producer documentation
Annual inspections
Instruments and other equipment installation
Trailers repairs and/or repainting
CFRP/GFRP gliders painting by T 35 or Acryl - PU paint

Time of repair When repainting the repair will take

Club Class and 15m Class: 3-4 weeks
Open Class and two seaters: 5-6 weeks

If there is other damage, the time of repair will be longer, depending on the extent of the damage.

Repair step by step

Gliders after repaint

We make the following steps to repaint the surface

01 Elaborate damage protocol

02 Weigh all parts of glider (used for added weight determining)

31 Totally remove old paint till first cloth is visible

04 Check the entire airplane for delamination and other damage

05 Disassemble all control surfaces (check of residual moment)

06 If any deep cracks in paint on the airplane surface occur that would extend to the main structure (cloth), then remove defective cloth and laminate new one

07 Paint the entire aircraft with T 35 paint by MG Scheufler Company or Akryl PU paint by MIPA. (The paint can be provided by customer or by our company.)

08 Check of the airfoil shape of leading edges with template

09 Sand the surface until we finish with 2000 grit sand paper

10 Buffing and compounding using UV resistant protective polish

11 Measure the moments of unbalanced controls (according to maintenance manual) and protocol filling

12 Paint the competition signs, registration marks and simple ornaments

13 Gap seal control surfaces (the seal can be provided by customer or by our company)

14 Balance the glider and determine the CG (according to glider maintenance manual) and protocol filling

15 Control and set of surfaces deflections and protocol filling

16 Paint the interior

17 Paint the instrument panel

18 Install new upholstery

19 Perform annual inspection

20 Perform Flight test after repair


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