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  • Tuesday, 21 April 2015
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ADVANTIC WT10 -   description of KIT QBK


Advantic WT10 KIT parts


Vacuum sandwich shell made of carbon fibre fabrics on which are glued fire wall, main and auxiliary fuselage spare front, all bulkheads behind crew space, NACA inlet on right side of fuselage for ventilation of rear canopy part. Cable of rescue system laminated in front part of fuselage. Completely finished fuselage fuel tanks with installed fuel level sensors of minimum fuel. Front and main landing gear shafts holes. Window on right side of passenger´s cockpit with glued acrylic colourless 3,0 mm plexi-glass.


Central tunnel, floor, front seats side rest, front and rear seats back rest, rescue system board - vacuum sandwich shell. Instrument panel and upper cover made of carbon.  


Carbon frame with integrated NACA inlets on sides, acrylic colourless 3,0 mm plexi-glass glued in frame, left and right sliding window installed, side ball vents glued in frame, integrated ventilation of front part plexi-glass. Mechanism for canopy closing and canopy locking installed, gas pressure springs.


Carbon frame, acrylic colourless 3,0 mm plexi-glass glued in frame. Mechanism of canopy closing and detent of rear canopy space from pilot space, gas pressure spring, two ceiling ball vents.


Upper and lower part made of carbon pulled out of moulds, upper part with cowl oil door and integrated NACA inlet. Oil cooler holder, water cooler holder, fastening bolts of lower cover, CamLock of upper cover (non-installed).

Adjusting of covers with fuselage can be ordered only in case if engine is also supplied with KIT.


Completely finished parts made of vacuum sandwich shells glued in main and auxiliary fuselage spare and winglets. Bushings glued in consoles. Wings adjusted to fuselage. Fuel tanks finished completely including duralumin fuel caps.


Completely finished parts made by vacuum of sandwich shells. Adjusted to wings.


Completely finished parts made by vacuum of sandwich shells with glued carbon hinges. Adjusted to wings.


Completely finished made by vacuum of sandwich shells. Adjusted to fin.


Completely finished parts including controls made by vacuum of sandwich shells. Adjusted to fuselage.


Welding from CrMo steel designed for engine Rotax 914, pre-assembled to firewall.


Parts welded from CrMo steel, pre-assembled together with Beringer wheels, gas pressure spring of emergency extension and detent of nose landing gear leg.


Parts welded from CrMo steel, pre-assembled together with Beringer wheels and brakes, gas pressure springs of emergency extension and detent of nose landing gear legs.


Pre-assembled electro-hydraulic unit, mounted to left side of rescue system board. Hoses, connectors and hydraulic cylinders connected to nose and main landing gear legs. Electric control with indication of extended position, blocking of retract landing gear at speed below 100 km/hour. Sound and light alerting of unextended landing gear, if lift flaps are open at position 2.


Beringer system with pressure limiter and switch gear system, installed under front left seat, brake hoses with sockets, brake lever installed in central tunnel with blocking in two positions.


Control sticks and control stick casing, rods, sockets, angle levers, electrical trim of elevator.


Torsion tube and electric drive including position sensor (preparation for PFD indication).


Individual adjustable rudder pedals in 3 positions, ropes and sockets.


With power limiter for 100% performance of engine Rotax 914.


Outer surface of fiberglass parts - filler sprayed into moulds before lamination. Outer surface of parts made from steel – polyurethane primer grey paint.


for installation of engine Rotax 914, hydraulically adjustable MT propeller, instruments, including scheme of components mounting.


Parts of aircraft which are not mentioned in above listing are not part of KIT.

Together with KIT can be ordered also parts for finishing of aircraft, such as:

-       Engine Rotax 914 with baffle for cooling air on heads of cylinder and preparation for hydraulic propeller

-       Engine accessories

o   Fuel distribution system 

o   Water cooling system

o   Oil distribution system

o   Ram air system with air filter by-pass

-       MT propeller with hydraulic governor for constant speed, spinner and mounting set

-       Rescue system Magnum 901

-       Seat and side upholstery, carpets

-       Combined set for heating and ventilation of cockpit

-       Seat belts


It is also possible to order guidance / assistance in completing of aircraft:

- Installation of fiberglass parts to interiors

- Strengthening of front fuselage for mounting of hinges of rescue system

- Painting of interior and exterior surfaces

- Pre-assembling and assembling of landing gear, hydraulic and brake systems

- Pre-assembling and assembling of controls

- Assembling of aileron, rudder, stabilizer, elevator, flaps

- Setting of rudder deviations

- Mounting of rescue system



Prievidza, December 22nd 2016


Note: This description has been prepared on basis of information known at time of writing. Manufacturer reserves to supplement modify or change it without notice.

Technical data of the KIT from Promo video

Dimensions and Weights

Engine 914 UL
115 hp
Landing gear Retractable
Propeller MTV-34-1-A/175-200
Wing span 9.400 m
Wing area 10.61 m2
Length 7.485 m
Height 2.100 m
Fuel tanks capacity 126 l
MTOW 850.0 kg


Stall speed VS0 88 km/h
Max. flap speed VFE 159 km/h
Maneuvering speed VA 208 km/h
Never exceed speed VNE 280 km/h
Climb 3,75 m/s (flaps, MTOW)

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