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  • Tuesday, 09 September 2014
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After two years of development, on 11th April 2013 just a moment after noon, test pilot Capt. Ing. Ján Chudý took off for the first time in the prototype of the four-seat Advantic WT10 aircraft (WT10 TRIO). It's the larger brother of the world famous Dynamic WT9 aircraft, which has been produced by Aerospool in different variants and modifications since 2001. Our service experience from a fleet of more than 500 examples of this popular aircraft were used in the development of the Advantic WT10. This guarantees that pilots will get the best from us.


Our company intends to offer the Advantic WT10 as a kit. The builder can use his individual skills and abilities. The Advantic WT10 kit concept is similar to the Dynamic WT9 kit. In the basic version, the customer receives as finished that which must be completed by himself on competitor kits. Practically, this means that the main parts of the aircraft structure - such as the wing and fuselage - will be supplied as finished in the basic kit. Our offer will also contain higher levels of completion so that the customer can choose on the basis of his needs, skills, abilities and financial capacities. The engine and the propeller will be at the customer's choice.

     The first prototype Advantic WT10, which is assigned for demonstration of the aircraft's aerodynamic concept and flying characteristics, is fitted with the Rotax 914 engine and hydraulically controlled MT propeller. The first flights of the Advantic WT10 indicated that the sophisticated aerodynamics and low weight of the aircraft - in combination with the selected engine and propeller - will assure high performance and excellent flying characteristics.

     To produce a good quality four-seat aircraft with low operating costs is for us another dream that became true. At the same time, the Advantic WT10 meets Aerospool's company goal, because we fulfil the dreams of pilots who want to fly their own aircraft on vacation, on business travel, in aero tourism, and not only with two people on board but now also four!

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