Constitution of company Aerospoool started up in the end of year 1990. It was established by pilots from Aero-club Prievidza, they had been enthusiastic, but amateur yet.

The first product made by Aerospool was fuselage of glider WT3.
Company preferred aero products, but beginning was difficult, so there had been made many non-aeronautical products. One of the first aero-products was fiberglass trailer for one-seat and two-seat gliders. These were laminated manually. Aerospool produced more than 120 trailers, exported in the entire world.
First aero-order was given to company in the year 1991 – cabin of UL aircraft Sky Boy. Aerospool made everything: prototype, forms and then more than 100 cabins of this type.
Beside this there were produced parts for aircrafts WT6, Koala, Windex and Eurofox.
In the 1992 Aerospool started to develop own UL aircraft – Compact.
In the year 1996 began new project – development of own aircraft Impulz.
Impulz was prototype, and after detailed redesign was born Dynamic.

Aerospool executed easy repairs of composite gliders from beginning. Turn was in year 1993, then began cooperation with German company Schempp-Hirt Flugzeugbau Gmbh, after many interships and trainings.

Aerospool got know how for general repairs of surface and other damages of composite gliders.
Company absolved also first audit by German LBA. Thanks experiences and trainings Aerospool started production of new gliders for Schempp-Hirth. So company could start serial production of gliders, which is one of principal activities of the business. Aerospool produces stabilizers, elevators and winglets for Ventus-2c gliders, as well as their pre-assembly, painting and final assembly.

Turn out in Aerospool history was in year 2000, when the first Dynamic was take off.

Even though is Dynamic UL category aircraft, it by far exceeds this category with its quality of production, flying qualities and equipment variability. So Dynamic was in the middle of interesting immediately after its introduction. In April 2001 was Dynamic headliner of AERO Friedrichshafen UL section.
Contracts that allowed start of Dynamic serial production were made at first exhibition. In 2004 was produced Dynamic Nr. 50.
in 2005 Dynamic Nr. 100,
in 2008 Dynamic Nr. 250
in 2011
in 2012
in 2014DY-500

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