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Dynamic WT9 -   description of KIT



Semifinished products pulled out of forms glued together with main spar cases glued in, wings are aligned with the fuselage. Trailing part under flaps is not glued in, control rods and levers are not installed


Shells pulled out of forms glued together with fuselage bulkheads, firewall, and both spars glued in, no interior.


complete pieces pulled out of forms including elevator, not glued into the fuselage

Cross and elevator control

tubes, rod ends, rivets and other parts, unassembled


fixed pedals (not adjustable) of foot controls, cables, rod ends and other hardware - without surface treatment

Fixed gear

complete parts including brake controls, unassembled

Retractable gear

complete parts including brake controls, unassembled

Engine mount

welded parts and hardware with no surface treatment, unassembled

Engine cowling

carbon fiber parts pulled out of forms: top and bottom cowl, oil cooler and water cooler holders, 2 NACA scoops not laminated, intakes (not laminated), screws


plexi glass (non glued in canopy frame) with cut hole for left window, gas struts, without ventilation intakes, including parts for left window

Fuel Tanks

ribs, caps, protective resin, with no fuel senders


rough sandwich panels of interior

Instrument panel

parts pulled out of forms including cover and compass holder


for assembly including photos of individual assembly steps

Kit doesn't include engine and accessories, propeller, or instruments. All laminate parts are without surface finish, metal parts have only basic anticorrosion paint.

Apart from basic kit it is also possible to order partially assembled kit, which includes:

  • assembly of the landing gear
  • brake system installed
  • stabilizer glued into the fuselage
  • finished fuel tanks with ribs glued in
  • sandwich plates glued in and interior finished
  • for aero-tow version the tow release attachment installed and all parts mounted so that the entire system is functioning
  • the engine cowling aligned with fuselage, the cooler holders glued in, as well as forced air intake
  • alignment of the canopy frame with the fuselage, the canopy hinge bushings glued in, the canopy glued to its frame
  • The flaps hinges finished and wing trailing edge finished
  • the aileron hinge bushings glued in

Controls installed and set it means that everything will be done except surface finish, installation of the engine, propeller, and instruments.

There is also possibility to order only some of mentioned work separately to the basic kit.


As optional equipment we offer the following parts:

(carburetor Airbox) - the carbon fiber parts pulled out of forms including the connecting hose and filter

Forced air intake
The carbon fiber part pulled out of form

Carburetor preheating
modified air filter holder, carb heat intake, and control cable

Stainless steel muffler, tubing, and hardware

Fuel package
The fuel vents, hoses, protective hoses, firewall grommets, fuel level gauges, fuel quantity gauge with switch, and warning LED of reserve.

Wheel covers
(fixed gear) - finished parts including attachment screws, with no surface finish.

Radio antenna
Laminated into vertical tail part + cable to instrument panel.

Cabin heat
Complete parts, including control knob, unassembled.

Fuselage preparation for tow equipment
the fuselage modification and its reinforcement for tow equipment installation.

Tow equipment
the tow rope release switch, control lever, rope, rope ends and other parts, not assembled

Fuselage preparation for rescue system
the fuselage reinforcement + straps lamination, and parts for rescue system assembly (the rescue system is not included)

Cabin ventilation
The canopy frame preparation, pivoted ventilation jets.

Front canopy part ventilation (defroster)
The canopy frame preparation, controls.

Adjustable pedals
Unassembled parts for adjustment in three positions and hardware.

Upholstered seats and safety belts
Made of different materials in several color options according to customer choice.


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