LZPE - Prievidza Airport is in operation


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Temporary restrictions in operation are:

- landing on RWY 22L/22R is prohibited
- landing is possible only on RWY 04L on grass, 04R on the hard surface (asphalt)

- NEW - Airport fees, please make the payment in the AEROREST

Airport fees Price (VAT including)
Full stop landing  
  to 600kg MTOM including  4,– EUR
  from 601kg to 2t MTOM including  8,– EUR 
  over 2t MTOM  +4,- EUR for every next ton
Touch and go 4,– EUR
Aircraft parking (over 2 hours) 0,50– EUR/hour.



Matevž Lenarčič in the media. Click for more: KOPILOT_XII/2018




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